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1st March 2021, the Microbiome Foundation and INRAE (Institut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement) signed an ambitious partnership to accelerate research on the gut microbiota.

Faced with the increase in recent years in the incidence of chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, allergies…), scientists agree on the impact on our health of recent changes in the environment in which we live, in particular changes in our diet, and this through the composition of our gut microbiota. Highlighting the links between microbiota and health allows a better understanding of the development of certain chronic diseases and also offers new avenues for prevention and treatment.

Through a major partnership, the Microbiome Foundation and INRAEshow their desire to boost research around the gut microbiota together.

INRAE,the world leader in research on human intestinal metagenomics, is at the heart of scientific research in this field, notably through its MetaGenoPolisunit, in order to better understand the functions and role of the intestinal microbiota in the development of diseases. The Microbiome Foundation, a French endowment fund dedicated to supporting medical research projects on the gut microbiota and to inform about the key role of the latter for our health, is associated with this approach by supporting and accompanying metaGenoPolisprojects.

The objective of the collaboration is tofund large-scale research projects conducted by INRAE on the gut microbiota and to raise public awareness oftheimportance of preserving the gut microbiota for better health.

The scope of the collaboration with INRAE,a national public scientific research organization, under the dual supervision of the ministries in charge of Research andAgriculture,therefore concerns research projects on the gut microbiota ofhumans,food,well-being and health.

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